Sierra Woods Farm horses are stabled in a single barn with box stalls that average 12'x12'. We have oversize stabling to accommodate larger warm blood breeds.
Our stabling facility is fully staffed and includes a tack room, observation room, restroom, laundry room, storage and trailer parking.
Our facility is heated for wintertime comfort.
Our staff provides outstanding regular and full care service including daily turnout with boots and blankets as necessary (weather permitting), daily stall cleaning, weekly bucket scrubbing, twice per day feeding (lunch is available as needed) supplements and blanketing.
We also provide efficient saddling and cool out care for our full service horses.
We have a great team of professionals ready to assist you with any kind of needs from veterinary and farrier services to chiropractic, trailering and specialty grooming services such as body clipping and show prep.
We have a full service veterinary clinic 20 minutes from our farm and the Purdue University Animal Hospital one hour away.


2020 Price List

General Expenses*

Board                                                                                                            $700.00 per month

Full Service Care                                                                                        $250.00 per month

Partial Training Board (2-3 rides per week)                                          $300.00 per month

Full Training Board (5-6 rides per week)                                              $600.00 per month

Single Training Rides                                                                                $50.00 per ride

Private Lessons (all beginner riders start in private lessons)          $50.00 per ½ hour lesson

Group Lessons (2 or more riders)                                                         $45.00 per hour lesson

Private Lessons with Nancy Kleiner                                                     $80.00 per 45 minutes

Partial Lesson Horse Lease                                                                    Please call for details

Full Lesson Horse Lease                                                                         Please call for details

Mane Pulling                                                                                             $25.00 per horse

Full Body Clipping                                                                                    $175.00 per horse

Trace Body Clipping                                                                                 $85.00 per horse

Laundry (Blankets and Sheets not included)                                    $20.00 per month, per horse

   -Sheets                                                                                                   $10.00 per sheet

   -Blankets                                                                                                $15.00 per blanket


Blanketing                                                                                                $75.00 per month, per horse

Blanketing Policy – SWF staff will put one blanket on your horse when they go out and they will take it off them after they return inside. If any other type of blanketing needs to be done by SWF staff there will be a monthly fee of $75.00.


Chiropractic Appointments  (If owner is not available)                 $15.00 per horse

Routine Veterinary Appointments (Vaccinations,                           

            de-worming, teeth float)                                                         No Charge

Veterinary Appointments attended by SWF staff                       

(If owner is not available)                                                                     $25.00 per hour (billed in ½ hr increments)

Veterinary After Care done by SWF Staff                                       $25.00 per hour (billed in ½ hr increments)

Medicine (Other then routine supplements)                                  $5.00 per administration


*All billing (board, lessons, training rides, horse shows, blanketing, laundry and all other services performed) will be done between the 25-31st of each month. Payment in full is due by the 10th of that month. A late fee of $5.00 per day will be applied to all statements not paid in full by the 10th of month. No lessons or showing will be allowed until the statement is paid in full.


Horse Show Expenses

Full Day Care                                                                           $100.00 per day

     -Includes total horse care, coaching, schooling rides, lunging and show prep clipping 

Partial Day Care                                                                      $85.00 per day 

    -Includes stall cleaning, feeding, coaching, and lunging or schooling ride

    -Owner is responsible for all other care

    -Show Prep Clipping billed separately

Coaching                                                                                $60.00 per day

    -Includes feeding and coaching only

    -Owner is responsible for stall cleaning and all other horse care

    -Schooling rides and lunging billed separately

    -Show Prep Clipping billed separately

Show Prep Clipping (Muzzle, Ears, Bridle Path)            $20.00 per horse, per show

Show Rides                                                                            $40.00 per class

Schooling Rides                                                                    $45.00 per ride

Lunging                                                                                   $20.00 per lunge

Lease of Lesson Horse for Show                                      $80.00 per day horse is at the show

Hotel                                                                                       Divided among clients

Per Diem                                                                                Divided among clients

Hauling                                                                                   Determined by shipper (per mile)

Show Entries Not Done                                                      $20.00


Tipping Guidelines - Our groom’s work hard to care for and prepare your horse for his time in the spotlight. Please reward them and let them know you appreciate their efforts by tipping appropriately. Suggested amounts are $20.00 per day per horse for full day care and $10.00 per day per horse for partial day care.